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New artists, new post lockdown original art we love to see you at MASA-UK Art Gallery

It has been a long time in a self-isolations and lockdowns, seeing death and illnesses all-around, listening about numbers, statistics and numbers again, infected, deaths...sometime we forget that those numbers represents people. real persons with families and lives. Trying to stay positive (while being negative) not to repeat the cliche about how much art is important for the society and wellbeing, all this makes it extremely difficult to write this article.

Writing about how much art and culture suffer right now, today and how much artists need our support doesn’t make sense, because it is so obvious. Or maybe this is not entirely true! In this challenging times artists are actually the fortunate ones from one point of view. Art gives them freedom to go and fly above and beyond the borders, to create and travel while closed in the studio, attic or kitchen. They are fearless, artists are telling stories, their version of the truth. Therefore in reality and now more the ever, we need them even more than they need us. We need art to help us go through another day, till normal way of leaving comes back, if it ever does. We need art to give us the ladder to climb out of the hole we are sinking in, as Joyce J. Scott mentioned.

What Masa-UK Art Gallery was doing during the lockdown, how we tried to support artists and our gallery?

As the Gallery was closed for almost a year we worked very hard to create a chance for the artwork by our local artists to be seen worldwide. We work very hard, invest a lot of time and money to promote them on the one of the biggest art selling platform ARTSY (

Artist like George Clayton from Whitfield, his emotional, subtle watercolours are now seen by visitors from all around the World. The show by exceptionally talented Christine Southworth from Horwich was featured on Artsy, the promising young artist Ivan Evans is there with many more local artists ...

We are very privileged and excited to introduce Ta Thimkaeo, Thailand born, world renowned artist this April at MASA-UK Art Gallery.

Ta Thmkaeo, The Guitarist and Violinist

Ta has a vibrant personality and loves nothing more than a happy toe-tapping audience appreciating melodic jazz. Jazz and lady in red oozes musical finesse and sultry song.

Ta is one of Singulart's best selling artists. She is an exciting Thai painter that has gained international recognition. Her representational style is magically intertwined with soft colours, shapes and inventive subjects. Her slightly cuboid style is influenced by the surrealist movement. Her well-balanced paintings are emotional and vibrant and feature curvaceous people, figures featuring eggs for their faces and curious jazz playing characters.

Ta is no stranger to hard work. She grew up with her traditional rice farming family in a rural area just outside Bangkok. The village inhabitants led a simple life and lived in traditional wooden huts that bore no running water or electricity. There was no education as such and no drive or ambition to explore a bigger, brighter world. With no access to television or movies, the farmers had no perception of what lay outside their village perimeters.

As soon as she became a teenager, she worked in a sweatshop in Bangkok and spent her day's hand-sewing shirts for the local market stalls. With her regular income, she was able to spend her days exploring the frenetic streets of Bangkok. Her senses were on red alert, and she hungrily absorbed the vibrancy of this bustling city. On one such day, she stumbled across a small muddled art studio and a somewhat eccentric street artist.

Ta Thimkaeo at work

Her life changed when the artist invited her into his chaotic world of colour and the heady scent of turpentine. With intrigue, she would watch him paint. Vibrant whorls of colour formed unknown civilisations and cities; her imagination was captivated by these new worlds, a mêlé of canvas, paints, and brushes. She was hooked and knew more than anything else that she wanted to be an artist. She felt it would be easier to walk to the moon.

Ta's work can now be viewed on or contact us on

Looking forward to seeing you soon at Masa-UK Art Gallery or online. You can your bit by visiting and following our artists on, and and of course by investing in your favourite piece of art.